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David B. Hensley

(818) 359-7468   Northridge, Ca




  • 8+ years of product planning, leadership experience and managing development teams.
  • 10+ years of customer and partner technical interfacing skills.
  • 13+ years of software design and development experience.
  • Experience working with high profile, top tier partners, effective in troubleshooting, working with cross-functional teams, writing product requirement documents, detail-oriented, excellent planning, communication and teamwork skills.
  • Extensive experience building and managing teams in Enterprise Software, Integration and Business Process Management software.


Seeking a challenging Management position where I can take a product design from concept to launch, increase user engagement, market share and revenue.       




PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE                         


Resonant Software, Pleasanton, CA

Director of Product Management                                                                                       February 2005 – Present

  • Led the company’s effort in creating a cutting-edge Business Process Management and Workflow Management product suite that allows an ease of use and flexibility unseen in any other BPM product. 
  • Interfaced with CEO regularly and maintained responsibility for the direction of our product’s requirements, features, architecture, design and development.
  • Worked alongside the executive team to plan the company’s staffing around our product’s roadmap.
  • Presented our product’s technology and corporate vision to potential customers and investors.
  • Coordinated with development teams, QA, partners and customers to meet deadlines under aggressive schedules.
  • Responsible for overseeing Product Management & Project Management duties for multiple projects, customer pilots and proof of concepts (POC). 
  • Consolidated technical and business requirements to create design documents, product requirement documents (PRD) and project plans for each of our released products and their deployments.
  • Managed project deployments for multiple multi-billion dollar companies  
  • Maintained onsite and offsite relationships with management from multiple customers in order to ensure the success product engagements.  Ensured customers/partners were satisfied and that their needs were met while balancing our resources with their expectations.
  • Successfully balanced internal resources with customer and partner expectations while ensuring that customer/partner satisfaction was met. 


Director of Research & Development                                                                                                                            

  • Responsible for the management and growth of senior level development and QA teams.
  • Defined milestones and release schedules.  
  • Managed full life-cycle of product development including: product design & refactoring, multiple development iterations, beta testing with partners, releases, pilot rollouts, and support. 
  • Drove the release and transition of multiple versions of our business guideline management suite.
  • Facilitated code reviews and mentored development team on coding / design practices.
  • Responsible for the design and delivery of n-tier distributed business process management system built from the ground up.
  • Led overall architecture of system and managed the architects for various subcomponents.
  • Delivered multiple versions of our software on-time and ensured the end product met customer and busness requirements.


Webanomics Software (Imperial Technologies), El Segundo, CA

Manager of Research & Development                                                                    January 2003 – February 2005

  • Responsible for the day-to-day management of our software development team, ensuring multiple concurrent projects are on schedule.  Resolved new issues as they arose.  Responsible for interviewing and hiring new team members.
  • Ensured that development milestones were completed on time and on budget
  • Worked alongside our CEO and VP of Research & Development to help direct business focus.  Helped to create an attainable six month and two year plan for our storage management framework.
  • Prepared and conducted product demonstrations and presentations for potential partners and business investors.
  • Designed, managed and assisted in the development of a distributed architecture for an enterprise storage management software suite.  This software suite, geared toward the SAN marketplace, provided remote storage profiling and storage monitoring tools accessible through a web interface.  Work was performed at the OS kernel level, the executable application level, and at the application server level.
  • Developed and managed projects for multiple platforms (Solaris, Windows, AIX, Linux) using C, C++, Java, and JSP.
  • Designed a distributed QA framework that would run unit tests and regressions for all platforms on a scheduled basis.  This QA framework made use of all available computer systems to ensure tests could be completed in a timely manner.
  • Mentored fellow team members on code design, optimization, and debugging skills. 
  • Responsible for core architecture and technical vision of new products.  Coordinated with CEO to ensure cohesion between technical requirements and business needs.
  • Designed and created a distributed enterprise storage backup system.
    • Written in Java, C, C++, the product was designed in a unique manner to allow for the shortest data recovery time while maintaining a minimal storage footprint for backup data.
    • Created a backup application to automatically backup local, remote and traveling machines without any user interaction.
    • Created product requirements documents, project design documents and presentations for potential investors.
  • Co-designed and developed a “mesh” computing system for Webanomics' core framework.  The “mesh” architecture is an N-Tier distributed framework which is designed to be efficient, secure and extensible.
    • Created an architecture that allows new plug-ins to be created in a quick and efficient fashion.  These can be developed in Java, C and C++.
    • The "mesh" architecture is designed to allow for new systems to be seamlessly added to the "mesh" network and begin interacting with client machines.
    • Designed mesh framework to intelligently manage the flow of data and the assignment of work to individual mesh machines.  Also designed to be a self healing (autonomic) system


Yahoo! (Overture Services), Pasadena, CA

Lead Engineer (Contract), Search Development                                                           April 2004 – August 2004

  • Accepted a contract position to manage multiple Overture projects, while incubating Webanomics Software.
  • Managed the design and development of multiple applications for the search development team.
  • Organized resources across multiple departments to ensure the timely completion and rollout of new product features.
    • Worked with Product Management to correct / revise project requirements.
    • Created test plans for QA and ensured proper testing was completed on each project.
    • Provided necessary database changes to our IT department and ensured all structural changes were implemented on schedule with other product features being rolled out.
    • Led communication and scheduling between other development groups to ensure all project dependencies were completed properly and in a timely manner.
  • Directed resources across IT and various development groups to confirm that interdependent projects were launched in the most efficient way possible while limiting any product downtime or financial risk.
  • Responsible for modifying Product Requirements Documents to detail all enhancements for new version of product.  Created clear and detailed project plans detailing the design, development, testing, and launching of each product enhancement.
  • Used Java and Perl for software development on projects that provided financial reporting to partners and managed their internal filter, block, canonicalization and orthogonalization lists.





SeeBeyond Technologies (purchased by Sun Microsystems), Monrovia, California

Manager of Product Development, Solution Center     August 1998 – January 2003

·         Managed resources for our development team of 14 engineers.  Ensured each development team delivered their products complete and on time.

·         Led our solutions team in the design, development and testing of a reusable, highly scalable integration management framework which allowed easier and more flexible use of our company’s B2B, integration, messaging and middleware products.  This new framework utilized Java, JSP, JMS, and the SeeBeyond Integration Suite and resulted in the creation of a new, revenue generating product which reduced customer implementation time, reduced costs and provided a more efficient, scalable & distributed architecture.

·         Created a cross-functional team of engineers (both local and off-shore) to fix the company’s broken critical bug-fix process.

o    Create specialized high-visibility team to handle top priority bugs for top-tier customers.

o    Worked with VPs of Product Management, QA, Program Management and Support to define a new process for bug resolution.

o    Decreased the rolling number of known P1 bugs from ~150 to under 20, in less than 3 months.

Result: A major improvement in customer satisfaction and a significant decrease in the time needed for a software patch (from about 2 weeks to roughly 1 day).

·         Successfully streamlined the company’s overall incident resolution process by:

o    Defining the process that must be followed with each customer support incident and providing technical leadership to engineers and consultants in resolving customer support incidents.

o    Implementing a Knowledge Base system for our Worldwide Customer Support to offer more efficient solution to customers.

o    Creating processes and tools to minimize the time required to replicate customer environments.  This allowed product environments to be shared between the support, development and QA department, resulting in quicker resolution time for critical bug fixes.

Result: Improved total customer satisfaction, reduction in critical bug count, reduced incident resolution time by streamlining efficiency of our Worldwide Customer Support Team.

Manager / Team Lead / Sr. Software Engineer, Adapter & Integration Group                                                     

  • Architected the framework for the core integration engine and adapters in Java, C, and C++.
  • Managed multiple, concurrent projects while leading and assisting a team of 12 senior engineers.
  • Timely delivery of numerous adapters for our enterprise application integration product.
  • Defined design strategies that were to be used for the development of new adapters using OOA and UML class diagrams.  Key factors were speed, usability, reliability, and scalability.
  • Designed and developed many adapters (eWays) to integrate SeeBeyond’s integration suite with numerous third-party software packages and technologies (App Server / Web Server, multi-threaded C and Java Generic API Kit, Commerce One, SMTP, POP3, Axion4, Java to Lisp, and WAP)
  • Delivery of many new adapters which were developed faster, were able to pass through QA quicker, and required much less maintenance due to the design of the new adapter architecture.
  • Responsible for evaluating, interviewing and hiring new members to our development team.
  • Created GUI layout and process flow for our Enterprise Manager application using Java & Swing.
  • Designed Java multithreaded network tools for connectivity between our distributed application components.
  • Created a Java database to hold business flow and routing information.  Created an extensive set of Java APIs to download and cache information requested by a user.
  • Ported original network and database calls written in C/C++ to JNI and then to pure Java.  This resulted in a dramatic increase in our Applications GUI performance (a minimum of 10-100 times faster).  Reduced memory usage by 75% and rid our GUIs of fatal deadlock errors.  The conversion of all existing native code to pure Java saved QA and development time, made product installation easier, and reduced customer support incidents.


Boeing North America (Rocketdyne), Canoga Park, CA

Software Applications Engineer                                                                                                                1997 – 1998

·         Designed and developed a sensor monitoring and analysis application for NASA and the International Space Station.  This application allowed continuous plotting and analysis of both real time and historical sensor data.

·         Responsible for the complete development cycle of the entire application, including software requirements, coding, testing, and documentation.

·         Received great praise for the early and complete delivery of a product that included additional functionality not originally budgeted in the product.  The software greatly improved response time and monitoring capabilities over other monitoring tools previously used.


Consulting and Contracting positions (multiple companies)                                                              1994 – 1997

  • Standardized a FORTRAN-to-C interface between different FORTRAN compilers and assisted in porting issues for major software product.
  • Wrote numerous PERL scripts to expedite many daily tasks including modification of the entire source tree of two enterprise software products.
  • Completion of 4 assignments 1 month ahead of schedule (completed in 75% of time).  Code became easier and faster for developers to write on all platforms.
  • Designed, created, and maintained numerous web based applications.
  • Developed Java applications, and applets.  Created personalized CGI scripts with Perl and C.






  • Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, December 1997 – California State University, Northridge
  • Member of Mensa International
  • Expert Group Member for JSR 311 – Java API for RESTful Web Services
  • Expert Group Member for JSR 312 – Java Business Integration, JBI 2.0s


Languages:  Java, C++, C, SQL, HTML, Perl (not recent) Monk /LISP

Operating Systems:  Unix (Linux, HP, Solaris, AIX), Windows (all)

Programming Technologies:  JEE (J2EE), JSP, XML, EJB, Servlets, Web Services, XML Schema XSD, JBI, XQuery, XPath, Javascript, CSS, JNI, JMS, XMLBeans, Hibernate, TCP/IP, UML, Struts, JMX, JAXB, RMI, Java Beans, Swing, JavaMail, Socket & Thread Programming, SOAP, HTTP, SMTP & POP3 protocols, MIME, CGI, OOD, OOA, EAI, BPM, BPEL, BPML, SOA, ESB, REST  

Database & Queing Technologies:  Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, XML DBs, IBM DB/2, JDBC, Microsoft MSMQ, IBM MQ Series, Hibernate, JMS

Applications:  Apache, Tomcat, JBoss, Websphere, Weblogic, Bugzilla, SeeBeyond eBI Suite, Microsoft Project, Visio

IDE & Version Control:  CVS, Subversion, Eclipse, Visual Studio